Natural Sheepskin , Lambskin spotted rug , Fur carpet
DSO-0032 St. Jackob


Decorative skin from natural sheepskin.

Sheepskin is very soft and pleasant to the touch.

The interesting coloration of the skin is subject to the characteristic coat color for the breed of St Jacob sheep.

Each skin is original, one of a kind and its completely natural surface has a beautiful and lively structure, with natural accents joining shades of brown, white and black.

Each skin has a unique appearance.

Can you imagine it on your floor, next to the fireplace? Place your bare feet on it, feel its silky softness and enjoy all its miraculous properties.

Sheepskins are universal and can have a number of uses.

They are great for placing on the floor as a rug. You can also use it to cover your favorite chair or decorate a wall.

Sheepskins are famous for their therapeutic properties and stabilize room temperature.

Only natural tannings are used in the production process, thanks to which the skin has no unpleasant, chemical odor.

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Material100% real Lambskin, sheepsk
Colornatural , race: St. JAckob
Lenght110-115 cm
Width65-75 cm
Hair length 5-8 cm
TanningEcological tanning
Cleaning Dry cleaning only !

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