Natural Sheepskin, Lambskin Pillow cushion ivory MEDICAL RELUGAN 40×40 cm


Decorative pillows are made of natural, medical Relugan sheepskin.

They have a warm, creamy color and are very pleasant to the touch. Relugan sheepskin is shorn very short.

Only tannings without harmful chromium compounds are used for its production, therefore they are suitable for children.

Relugan sheepskin is also recommended by doctors for people with rheumatic problems.

The pillows are great to liven up any room and give it a unique, cozy appearance. They go well in the bedroom and placed on the sofa they are wonderful with an afternoon nap.

Sheep wool breathes and has hygroscopic and thermoregulation properties. Relugan also has microbial and self cleaning properties, thanks to which the skin is very hygienic and easy to keep clean. The pillows are ideal as an exclusive gift for your loved ones for whom you want to offer a little warm.


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Material100% real Lambskin, sheepskin
Colornatural ivory cream
size40×40 cm
Hair length 2-4cm
TanningEcological tanning
Cleaning Dry cleaning only !