Natural ICELANDIC Sheepskin , Lambskin black rug , Fur carpet


A decorative skin throw in a  black color, made of the highest quality sheepskin.

It perfect brightens any room and gives it an exclusive appearance.

Sheepskin is universal and can be used in a variety of ways.

It is ideal to lay as a rug or as a throw for your favorite chair.

Wool is very resilient and resistance to dirt. Sheepskin is naturally durable and will serve you for many years. Can you imagine it on your floor, next to the fireplace? Place your bare feet on it and enjoy all its miraculous properties.

It not only warms but also neutralizes the effects of harmful waves emitted by electrical devices and wireless Internet.


Did you know that people who wear sheepskin coats get sick less often?


What is more, micro-organisms such as dust mites do not grow in it, which is what those with allergies willingly choose it.


Remember: synthetic, cheap alternatives do not have these benefits! Sheepskin fits into any kind of interiors.

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Material100% real ICELANDIC Lambskin, sheepskin
Colornatural black
Lenght110-115 cm
Width65-75 cm
Hair length 15-25 cm
TanningEcological tanning
Cleaning Dry cleaning only !