Genuine Sheepskin Rug, Pelt , 6 Skins Natural Fur carpent


A wonderful, fluffy rug, created from natural sheepskins sewn together. It can also be used as a bedspread.

The skin is soft and very pleasant to the touch.

The ivory  white color of the skin brightens and optically enlarges any room.

The skins joined together create a beautiful whole and may have many applications.

The function that it fulfills only depends on the imagination and the needs of its owner. This sheepskin is great as a throw on the sofa or placing on the floor as a rug.

Feel the pleasure of walking barefoot on the padded sheepskin or sit next on it, relax and feel the wonderful qualities.

Sheepskin stabilizes the room temperature, has antibacterial actions, perfectly helps in the treatment of many diseases as well as reduces pain.

Some say that sheep wool also absorbs the negative effects of electrosmog, therefore it is recommended in homes with wireless Internet.

Wool is very resilient and resistance to dirt. It also does not absorb moisture, so you do not need to worry about a bad smell.

Sheepskin is naturally durable and can serve for many years.

Slight differences in shades and sizes are natural characteristics of the skin, giving its unique appearance. However, we try to select them so that they are almost identical.

Only natural tannings are used in the production process of the skin, thanks to which the skin has no unpleasant, chemical odor.


Sheepskin pillows go perfectly well together with this rug. They are also great as a present.

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Material100% real sheepskin
Colornatural :ivory white
Lenght200-210 cm
Width170-180 cm
Hair length 4-6 cm
TanningEcological tanning
Cleaning Dry cleaning only !